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Marlborough House School

Two Sides to Every Story ...

The Middle East, a war ground littered with civil wars and rebellions. Or the perfect walking holiday for you and your friend?  Following adventurer, Leon McCarron's recent Outreach Lecture at MHS,  one of our Year 8 pupils reacts to this heart warming tale from a far away land ....

Throughout the bloody history of the area, from the Roman conquest in the first century BC, to the Arab uprisings in the early 20th century,  the Middle East has played a founding role in western society and the modern world. The most modern crisis in the region is the rise of jihadist regimes and brutal fanatics, which challenges the western worlds ethics.

Leon Mccarron has recently walked from Jerusalem to the slopes of Mount Sinai,  crossing through Israel to Jordan and finally arriving in Egypt. Israel is one of the most religiously complex and tensioned areas in the globe. Street riots and rallies litter the country, so the press says.  Even though there is often an immediate perception that westerners are hated in the Middle East, Leon McCarron experienced the complete opposite on his journey across the region.  For example, many times Leon saw a church and a mosque built together and on most occasions would be invited to have a cup of tea or coffee if he met a local. Sometimes he would even be invited to stay the night or have a meal. The Media often publishes all the terrible things that are happening in the region but how many people in the UK would welcome a complete stranger into their homes and give them a meal?  Yes of course there are many issues and tragedies occuring in the Middle East, but I believe the majority of people are hospitable and want to live in peace. This lecture has opened our eyes to the day-to-day life of people in the Middle East and most importantly reminded us all that there are always two sides to every story.