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Marlborough House School


Have you downloaded it yet?

Stay up to date with our events and the latest school news by downloading  the Marlborough House School app for free from the Apple Store, Windows Store or Google Play today. 

Why you need our School App

  • Receive an alert  every time a school news story is published online. To set up the alert, accept “Push notifications” when you first download the app. 
  • Quickly check timings for events and keep up to date with the latest school dates, term times and key events directly from within the app.
  • Bypass the main website for a faster, direct line to timely parent information, link to the School Sports Website and our ever-popular photo galleries.  


What you need to do next

  • Firstly, you will need to download the app from either the iTunes App Store , Google Play or Windows Store by loading up the app store on your phone and searching for ‘School News’.
  • Once you have located, downloaded and launched the free app, you will then be able to either click on the ‘Find my school’ button which uses the phones GPS to locate all the schools in the surrounding 20 miles, or you can type in 'Marlborough House School' or our postcode.  Our postcode is TN18 4PY 
  • Click on 'Marlborough House School'. You will then be able to click on the ‘News’ button to view all of the latest news items as well as all of the upcoming calendar events by clicking on the ‘Events’ button.  
  • Accept 'Push Notifications' to receive alerts for newly published stories.

For further information please download our Parent User Guide below: