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Marlborough House School

'Mind and Matter' the MHS Blog

Welcome to the MHS Blog - a little corner of the digital world where teachers and children are able to share what they are thinking about each month.  Everyone has a view, an idea and a story to tell so in a busy world of work and play, 'Mind and Matter' is a special place where  hopefully we all get a chance to listen and be heard ...

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  • Passing the Test of Time

    Published 10/01/18

    Head of Year 5 and 6, Jessica Andrews, believes that when children are happy, they are capable of so much more in the classroom ...

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  • Two Sides to Every Story ...

    Published 18/10/17

    The Middle East, a war ground littered with civil wars and rebellions. Or the perfect walking holiday for you and your friend?  Following adventurer, Leon McCarron's recent Outreach Lecture at MHS,  one of our Year 8 pupils reacts to this heart warming tale from a far away land ....

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  • diu vivere Latine! 

    Published 12/10/17

    Tina Budd argues the case for Latin on every school curriculum ...

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  • A Walk on the Weald Side

    Published 11/09/17

    Having walked to Bodiam Castle from Marlborough House our School Secretary, Margaret McTrusty  pauses for thought ...

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  • With Music in Mind

    Published 17/08/17

    MHS Director of Music, Diane Day, explains  the role of Music in helping children to achieve their potential in the classroom ...

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  • But is it Art?

    Published 05/07/17

    One of our Year 8 pupils ponders how we feel about Street Art?

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  • The Wonderful World of Waci

    Published 30/06/17

    Head of Science, Toby Payne Cook considers what Creativity and Innovation is really all about and why WACI is such an important competition for children ...

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