In October, we held an exciting cross-curricular Discovery Day for our Year 6 cohort, specialising in Science, Sport and the Performing Arts. We were delighted to be joined for the day by Year 6 pupils from some local Primary Schools.

The children took part in various workshops. In Science, the workshop was linked to fitness, heart rate and recovery in sport. The pupils looked at muscle tissue and red blood cells down the microscope, explored the essential life process of respiration, considering diet and healthy living including the causes and potential impact of obesity. The children had the opportunity to use Bunsen burners, developing their practical and scientific thinking skills along the way with an experiment to study the amount of energy that is stored in a variety of crisps and snacks. In the Sport session, the pupils had a fitness assessment to look at how muscle type and physical traits help enable speed and power and endurance events. They also learnt some basketball skills culminating in a short game. Lastly, but by no means least, during the Performing Arts Session, the children performed a song from the musical Beauty and the Beast, and learnt some dramatic fighting moves.

All the pupils were enthusiastic, collaborative, polite and very much enjoyed the occasion. We hope to organise more of these days in the future, giving children the opportunity to have more co-curricular experiences and to develop a range of skills. Grateful thanks to Mr Payne-Cook, Mr Mathers, Mrs Lelliott, Mr Little and Miss Phiilip for leading these sessions.


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