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Marlborough House School

The Fabulous Leavers' Programme, Week One

An Unforgettable Week in Devon by HUW, Year 8 Leaver and Skern Lodge conqueror! 

Spirits were high as the Year 8's piled onto the coach, bound for Skern lodge and an unforgettable adventure.   After a long and uneventful journey, our coach pulled onto the car park of Skern lodge, situated on the Devonshire coast and nestled at the foot of a hill.  Activities commenced after we had a look around our dorms. After a treacherous assault course, a fun climb and abseil on the tower and a go in the tunnels we turned in, tired after the long journey and our first exciting activities.

The next day we were greeted by a hearty breakfast after which groups 1 and 2 set of for the high ropes and the other three to rock climbing and abseiling. After a fun morning we joined back up and went rafting. This was amazing and involved plenty of fun games and races. After a delicious meal at Skern we did evening activities then, tired, we headed back to bed for some sleep.

Wednesday, and it is 'Hartland'. Ready for adventure we set off in early morning and in heavy rain, we walked towards the imposing cliffs for the abseil. First over the cliff was Huw, followed by the rest of the year. The support for one-another was fantastic; the whole year cheering and urging people on. With all the help and encouragement everyone managed to get down the abseil, and some even climbed back UP the 80 foot the cliff to exit the site! After some climbing games on the beach we walked inland and set up camp and cooked our own dinner on the trangias. Later we headed back towards the beach and sat near a roaring fire made of driftwood, we watched the sun go down.  It was a magical evening and experience but at the crack of dawn we awoke from our bivvies and packed up ready to head back to Skern. This was by far the best day.

Everyone went up for seconds at breakfast when we came back from Hartland. On Thursday some groups went on the high ropes and others on the obstacle course.  After kayaking in the afternoon Mr Ward, who had travelled down the night before, told the candidates their Common Entrance examination scores in person.   It was a happy evening for everyone as they everyone learnt that they had got into their chosen schools.  After a disco we headed back to bed for some much-needed sleep.

Friday, the final day: We started off surfing in the morning, a fabulous activity which everyone enjoyed. The waves were good and the weather not too bad.  Everyone agreed this was one of the best activities. Then, after some team building activities in the afternoon and a competition between groups, we said a final good bye to the instructors and headed back to school. After a few stops we made it back at around 10:00pm. It was an experience like no other and one which will never be forgotten. 

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