Happy, caring, stimulating

Marlborough House School aims to discover the gifts within each child and to provide opportunities for children to explore and fulfil their potential in the broadest sense.  We strive to create a happy community based on mutual respect and consideration and to strive for excellence in all that we do. We provide a safe, healthy and caring environment for children to live and learn in.

Happy children are successful children; we recognise that we are laying the foundations for lifelong learning so this is especially important as our youngest children are introduced to school life. Nursery, whilst a part of the Pre-Prep and the whole school, is a self contained building within a large and sunny walled garden. In this way the children can feel confident and comfortable in their own bright space and outside area but equally enjoy all the advantages of being part of a much larger school.  Whilst the Nursery is not geographically attached to the Pre-Prep building, they are within easy walking distance of the facilities that they use such as the Sports Hall and the Hopkins Hall, and the children happily use the 34 acres of space that surround them whenever they can. Consequently, Nursery children feel very much part of the Pre-Prep and the school as a whole.

Sessions are very flexible and children can attend a combination of mornings and afternoons sessions. Mornings are from 8.00am with collection at 12.30pm.  The children work in a variety of ways which include child initiated and adult led activities.  These include dressing up, working together with imagination in the role play area, sharing construction toys and plenty of art and craft activities.  Children are taught Music and PE by specialist teachers alongside the team of dedicated Nursery staff who create a stimulating and enabling environment.

All children stay for a home-cooked lunch which is taken in the school dining room with the rest of the Pre-Prep. Children can then either be collected at 12.30pm or stay for the afternoon session until 3.30pm.  There is an after school care facility which is run from the Pre-Prep, and operates until 5.30pm.



Government Early Years vouchers may be redeemed at MHS either as a stand-alone 15 hours or as part of a series of further sessions.