Home from home – but more fun and with lots of friends!

Boarding time for the children is most importantly all about having fun.  It is time spent cementing existing friendships and building new ones and just enjoying down time together outside the curriculum. Our vast array of varied activities and beautiful grounds and spaces used during time after school give them wonderful opportunities to spend their time away from home. The structured routines of communal bedtimes and mornings give them the security they need, yet encourages them to think for themselves and be considerate of others. The life skills learnt and increase in confidence and the ability to organise themselves is crucial. Unknowingly to the children, boarding equips them with skills to support their resilience and independence they will need for their next school, be it day or boarding.

We offer boarding on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at MHS; flexi (occasional) boarding. The children can try out a taster night and can dip in and out of boarding during the term as and when either they or their parents wish or need the wraparound care. Or they can choose one or two nights and board regularly, every week for the whole term. The children are welcome to board when they join the Prep School with taster nights for Year 3 and children boarding more regularly from Year 4 - Year 8. We encourage all the children to try it before they leave at the end of Year 8, even if they do not become a regular boarder. Boarding nights often have children across the year groups which the younger pupils love and the older ones take pride in being good role models. 

Creative and homely
Active and entertaining
Developing characters

There is something for everyone and themed activity nights are organised to bring out the best in the children, develop their characters further as they experience all the benefits of boarding. We have no i-pads or mobile phones in the boarding house and so they thrive on just being children joining in, having fun, playing games, being creative, and looking after each other as one big group of friends.   

For general enquiries or further information about boarding at MHS please email the Head of Boarding, Mrs Archer, at boarding@marlboroughhouseschool.co.uk 

Please see below for our Boarding Reports and Guides.