Why Choose Us?

When children move up to the Prep school in Year 3, they begin to experience the full breadth of opportunities available to them at MHS. At every stage our children are keen to get the very most out of every experience they are offered whether it is through competing on the pitches, performing in a play, discovering new talents in clubs or enjoying the fun of boarding. In the senior years, children also have the opportunity to be school leaders, go on oversees trips and take part in the Leavers' Programme in Year 8.

Our children achieve fantastic results in all areas of school life, but more importantly, they do not take the opportunities they have for granted; rather their experiences here help build self-assured individuals who are extremely supportive of each other. In short, they are good company!

Prep School Life

We are committed to educating character’s as well as young minds as part of our daily life at MHS. Our pupils are given space and time to grow both academically and personally, in a supportive and caring environment. Our well-established Character Education at Marlborough House helps children to develop practical wisdom that will serve them long after they leave us for Senior School. It is the reason why children at Marlborough House can achieve impressive academic results and scholarships, alongside gaining the building blocks of life skills.

In line with this ethos, we introduced Pre-Senior Baccalaureate (PSB) for Years 7 and 8 in 2019. The PSB is a framework specifically designed to highlight and develop the importance of skills in a modern 21st century education.

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