TERMLY FEES 2020/2021

Our fees are inclusive of all meals (break time snacks, 2-course lunch, tea), text books and many after-school clubs.

Tuition Fees Years 3 to 8 £ 6,230
  Years 1 and 2 £ 3,695
  Reception £ 3,055
Nursery per morning session (inc lunch) £36.65
(£18.30 with Early Years Funding)
  per afternoon session £17.20
(free with Early Years Funding)

Regular boarding per night
Occasional boarding per night


  • Personal Accident Insurance - Termly fees (including Nursery fees) include Personal Accident Insurance. 

  • Fee accounts - These are payable by the first day of term. Interest may be charged on the late payment of fees at a rate of 3% (above the base rate) as per the School’s Parent Contract. Such interest will be added to the following term’s invoice at the discretion of the Bursar.  

  • Notice - A full term’s written notice is required before the removal of a child from the School. In the absence of such notice, the following term’s fees will be payable in addition to those of the current term. 

  • Sibling Discount – At any time that there are three or more siblings from one family in the School, a termly reduction of 20% will be applied to the basic fees for the third oldest and any subsequent children (whilst there are three or more siblings in the School). 

  • Alumni Discount – A termly 5% reduction will be applied to the basic fees for the child(ren) of former Marlborough House pupils who enrol their child(ren) in the School. 

  • Forces Discount – A termly 5% reduction will be applied to the basic fees for the child(ren) of serving members of the regular British Armed Forces. 

  • Early Years Funding - We currently participate in the Early Years Funding Entitlement. Please see the Early Years Free Entitlement Statement below for more details.


Marlborough House offers a varied  Co-Curricular programme included in the school fees, however there are some clubs that are run by external companies and these clubs are charged for:

Yoga £60 per term
M-Tech £150 per term *
Chef Club  £50 per term
Guildhall Speech and Drama £75 per term
English Speaking Board £40 per term
Ballet £6.95 per lesson *
Shooting £100 per term
Karate £100 per term
  • Clubs and activities offered will vary each term and by year group
  • Notice of one full half-term must be given to discontinue a paid-for extra activity or club – the School reserves the right to charge in lieu of such notice. Please note however, that M-Tech Club require one full terms notice
  • *M-Tech and Ballet are billed directly to parents from the external provider.
  • If you require further information please contact the Registrar


We consider Bursary Applications for Marlborough House. To enquire about a Bursary, please contact the Registrar to request a meeting with the Bursar.


Marlborough House School believes that excellence should be recognised and therefore scholarships are awarded to children entering Year 7, who show outstanding ability or potential. We offer Year 7 entry scholarships in Academics (subject specific), Art, DT, Music, Drama and Sport. It is generally expected that all Year 7 entry scholarships will be held for a two-year duration. To enquire about a Year 7 entry scholarship, please contact the Registrar to request an application pack.

Please see further information on the Early Years Free Entitlement below.