Wrap around care is available from 7.30am - 6.00pm daily for all children. This care is included in the school fees from 8.00am - 4.30pm in the Pre-Prep (until 3.50pm in Nursery) and from 8.00am - 6.00pm in the Prep School. 


School Day Start

8.00am The Prep School Day starts at 8.00am with registration at 8.20am

8.20am The Pre-Prep Day starts at 8.20am with registration at 8.45am

School Day Finish

3.30pm Nursery and Reception School Day ends (Nursery morning session ends at 12.30pm)

3.40pm Years 1 and 2 School Day ends

3.50pm Year 3 School Day ends

4.30pm Prep School Day ends (Years 4-8)

The Extended School Day

The day is designed so that if you have children in different year groups you can drop off and pick up at the same time. We offer an early drop off from 8.00am daily as part of our wrap around care included in the school fees. We also have a Breakfast Club from 7.30am each day for all year groups including Nursery. In addition to our early drop off options, our extensive Clubs programme (with no additional charge for clubs run by MHS teachers) supervised Prep, After School Care and 5.00pm snack, extend the day through to 6.00pm, giving parents the option of later collection times to fit in with work and family commitments. After school, wrap around care is included in the school fees until 4.30pm for Pre-Prep (3.50pm for Nursery) and 6.00pm for the Prep School. Children may take part in a Club, join After School Care or stay for Supervised Prep during this time. 

Early drop OFF

7.30am Children can arrive for Breakfast Club in our dining room for those who would like to start the day with a delicious cooked breakfast at 7.30am (chargeable)

8.00am Pupils in the Prep School and Nursery may be dropped off at their form room or Nursery from 8.00am (no additional charge). Pupils in the Pre-Prep may be dropped off at the Hub from 8.00am (no additional charge).

Late pick up

3.50pm Pre-Prep After School Care starts (chargeable from 3.50pm for Nursery and from 4.30pm for Reception - Year 2)

4.30pm Pre-Prep Clubs end (no additional charge for MHS clubs)

5.00pm Children in school at this time will be given a snack of sandwiches and fruit (no additional charge)

5.40pm Prep School Clubs and supervised Prep end at 5.40pm - times vary depending on the club (no additional charge for MHS clubs or Prep)

6.00pm After School Care ends. All children may remain in school until 6pm. (chargeable for Pre-Prep)

Boarding For Flexi-boarders of course, the fun and games continue on to the next school day.

Holiday Camps

Our regular holiday camps provide additional options for families during the school holidays. Please follow the link below for more information.