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Marlborough House School

Star Tours - The Pre-Prep Strikes Back!

The Pre-Prep children wowed their parents with their Summer production just before Half Term .....

After 6 weeks of studying all things ‘Space’ related the Pre-Prep headed to another Galaxy to explore life beyond Earth in their end of year production.  All the children from Reception to Year 2 travelled in the Space ship that took the audience on an amazing adventure.  Along the way the Year 2 astronauts, scientists and astronomers visited the moon and various planets (some rather chocolatey!) whilst 'Mission Control' communicated with them from a distance.  The Reception children danced and sang with energy as Little Space Men and the Year 1 children gave us a stirring rendition of an Ewok Stomp.  With 'Ziggy Stardust' and 'Rocket Man' giving us some audience participation with their songs we were able to continue on our journey to save the universe!  'Princess Leia'  bravely led her droids to safety as she battled 'Darth Vader' and his 'Storm Troopers'. 

The production was a great example of the Pre-Prep working as a team. All the children supported each other, prompted each other and congratulated each other along the way.  They knew that their contribution was as important as the next.  The children recognised that, by hard work and risk taking, they were able to not only improve but also have lots of fun.

Well done to all the children ….. you were all shining stars!  

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