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Marlborough House School

Year 3 Step Back in Time 

Great quotes from the day ............ 

The Year 3 pupils had a wonderful time at the Museum of Kent Life this week!   We've had some wonderful comments from the children - 

"When we arrived we went to see Florence Nightingale. She described her life serving as a nurse in the Crimean War. She told us how filthy the hospitals were and how she improved the conditions and stopped so many men dying."   Maddie

"We walked slowly to the school room where a strict teacher met us to have a lesson. He didn’t allow us to talk.... we weren’t allowed to open our desks till the grumpy teacher told us to."   Eleanor

"We met a scullery maid who told us about all the hard jobs she had to do with her hands like doing all the washing, scrubbing the floors and cleaning the chamber pots!" Tom

"The maid complained that her job as a scullery maid was like being a servant to the servants!" Leo 

"I didn’t want the trip to end because it was so much fun dressing up and pretending to be Victorians for the day". Lucy