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Marlborough House School

Year 7 trip to France

Our Year 7 children write about their wonderful trip to France ..............

On Sunday we left school at 6.45 am and we drove in a coach to the Eurotunnel and we arrived in Calais. We drove to the Nausicaa aquarium. It was the best part of the trip for me. There were very large sharks that came right up close to you and you got an underwater view. There were also penguins and seals and we were able to touch stingrays. After the aquarium we had lunch and played on the beach. (Ben)

We went to a creperie and I had a crepe au chocolat and un coca. (Jessica )

On the second day we visited the Bayeux Tapestry, made in 1070 and over 90m long. We have been learning about the Norman Conquest in History lessons so it is cool to see what we have been learning about. We then went to the D Day Museum in Arromanches. I have been to it before but it was great to see the models of Mulberry Harborough again. (Arthur)

We then went to a chocolate factory and watched a professional chocolatier make chocolates, then at the end we ate a few. It was really funny when Archie got chocolate sauce all over his face! (Ben)

On Tuesday we went to a French school in Le Touquet and met our pen friends. We played football at break time. It finished 1 – 1 with Lucas scoring a late goal. (Harry)

My favourite part of the trip was the coach journeys because I chatted to loads of new people. (Orla)