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Marlborough House School

Year 5 takes a trip to the Science Museum

The whole of Year 5 invaded London by train and then underground on an inspirational visit to the Science museum last Friday.   

Upon arrival they watched a science show called “stronger by design” about forces and the engineering of bridges.  Molly was called up as a volunteer, grinning like a Cheshire cat!  The focal point of the visit was the exploration of the interactive 'Who am I?' gallery, where the children enjoyed learning about what it is that makes them who they are, or who they think they are, at least!   For most of the children this was the highlight of the day and it was inspiring for Mr Payne-Cook to see a small army of children frantically scribbling notes down to use in their Human Body project books.  The curiosity of Emily, Tallulah, Jasper, Freya, Leah and Nick was particularly worthy of note but it was Professor Hastie, aged 10, who spent the whole day trying to solve the structure of DNA - and find a cure for cancer in the process!  William A said, “I loved the science museum, I learned so much about DNA and how it works.  My favourite part was the 'Who am I?' exhibition because the information I found there is going to help me with my project massively!” 

After the Who am I? gallery we explored the Atmosphere gallery, to remind children that while Science is clearly the most interesting and important subject in the world, Geography can sometimes be interesting too!  Next we moved on to the Flight gallery where we ate our picnic lunch, surrounded by historical evidence of one of humankind’s greatest achievements.   After lunch, we burnt off energy in the Energy exhibition and then split into three groups to visit the big exhibition spaces on the ground floor:  Exploring Space, Making the Modern World and an obligatory, consumerist visit to the Shop!  Thankfully this latter part of the day wasn’t the favourite part for everyone!  A great day was had by all and special thanks to our parent helpers.  The children are now ready for their A level Biology, Chemistry or Physics course to start…  

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