Year 7 Go Into Battle! 

A group of budding Year 7 historians made the annual historical pilgrimage to Battle Abbey this week in search of thrills, spills and adventure

As the gates swung open at 10am they raced through the door anxious to soak up the atmosphere.  The morning began in the Information Centre with pupils allowed to sample some Medieval life by trying on Norman chainmail and grappling with Saxon shields.  An informative tour of the battlefield followed and the pupils were asked to envisage the events of the famous battle.   After the factual part, all pupils re-enacted the events of that fateful day on the 14th October 1066 with unerring accuracy and enthusiasm.   After lunch they enjoyed a tour of the Abbey by a Medieval monk, learning about the rituals of medieval religion – not many fancied the idea of a 4am wake up for prayer!  

Weary but satisfied, they headed for the gate at 3.30pm having had their historical thirst quenched.  Their literal thirst had also been quenched thanks to Battle Abbey School who provided our weary yet happy historians with drinks just before departure.  

All in all a highly successful trip.   Warm sun, the smell of freshly cut grass and gallons of living history…what more can one ask for!  

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