Year 3 Production - 'Oh What a Knight!'

Last week, the Year 3s treated everyone to a wonderful performance of “Oh what a Knight!” 

It was a riot of colour, full of catchy songs, funny one-liners and excellent choreography; it was a real joy to watch! What was most amazing was the real confidence and pride that all the children possessed.  As teachers, what is so lovely to see is the way the children all worked together, developing new friendships and new skills including leadership, increased resilience and communication skills, which they have transferred into the classroom. The children were asked to reflect on their experiences, and to consider what they had learnt from being part of the cast. Here are some responses:

“It made me feel like I was actually in medieval times because I put all my effort in and did my best!”

“At beginning of the play I felt really embarrassed but once I was saying all my wonderful lines and singing with my friends I forgot that feeling; my Dad said he’d never seen me so happy in my life!”

“I loved doing the play, it was such an amazing experience, and I was so excited to sing my solo. I learnt that I could work in a team and as part of a cast, as well as being brave and confident on stage.”

“I felt quite nervous at the start but Drama inspires now.”

“I have had a good time doing the play and I liked acting with my friends. It made me realise that I had to have confidence and be brave sometimes, and that it is ok to make mistakes.”

As Mrs Walker said at the end, these transferable skills so often set the scene for how positively the children approach their academic work throughout Middle School and beyond.