MHS win Public Speaking Competition!

Six of our Year 6 children took part in the Eastbourne College Public Speaking Competition last Thursday. 

An intrepid crew of six hardy Year 6 children set off to Eastbourne College last Thursday to participate in their annual Public Speaking Competition. Excitement was high and, upon our arrival, we were quickly ushered into the hall at the lovely Birley Centre.

Excitement turned into a little bit of intimidation when we saw and heard all the teams against whom we were competing! Dulwich College Prep, Saint Ronan’s and Great Walstead School each had two teams of 3 and they gave a wonderful range of talks on a very varied and thought-provoking collection of issues from Child Poverty and Bullying; to The Dangers to Sleep of The Blue Light (from iPhones and other electronic devices) and The Great Barrier Reef and Space Exploration.

Despite their inevitable nerves, our Marlborough House pupils showed their great courage and were not to be daunted.  When their turn arrived they all spoke clearly and passionately on their two chosen subjects.

First to perform were our girls: Lucy, Tessa  and Lucia whose impassioned speech about the preservation of endangered species – specifically Big Cats - won many nods of agreement from the attending audience. This was clearly a subject very dear to Tessa’s heart – clearly illustrated by her collection of three soft toys, which she has gained as a result of adopting three endangered species. The girls spoke very clearly and with great confidence, making a great impression on the judges who praised Lucy’s powerful opening and compelling use of rhetorical questions. Tessa’s clear communication and excellent structure to her well-constructed speech was also praised while Lucia’s, calm and engaging voice, and the great advice she offered, brought the talk to a powerful close. Lucia won an individual award for her super conclusion.

The boys’ team followed, with their fascinating topic on Space – specifically, the Wonders of Black Holes, Red Giants and White Dwarves. For the uninitiated, it was an incredibly informative and enlightening talk, warning of the dangers of problems such as “spaghettification” (and if you want to know more about this ….do, please, ask Harry!).

Wilfie gave a very lively and strong introduction to the topic and was commended for his brilliant voice, energy and lovely intonation. Harry  presented the main body of the speech and, again, it was clear that he has a huge knowledge and passion for this subject. Complex concepts, clearly explained, were supported by some lovely touches of humour. Harry’s confident and clear communication and his sparkling wit were particularly highlighted by the judges in their feedback. Archie brought the talk to a clear conclusion with his charm, confidence and engaging voice, all of which were clear to see. Their great teamwork was also noted.
After hearing all the wonderful talks, we had to wait for a tense twenty minutes while the judges consulted with each other, eventually returning to hear their feedback. As the individual prizes were handed out to children from different schools our tension rose – who would be the overall winner? We did not have too long to wait – and were thrilled beyond measure to learn that the MHS boys’ team had clinched the overall award – clearly the judges were impressed by the natural style and knowledgeable passion which their team showed.

All the children gave a superb performance – they spoke from their hearts, with speeches, which were truly representative of their own interests and views – and they should all be congratulated on a fantastic achievement.