Year 4 Steps Back in Time at Horton Kirby

MHS children turn detective and run for cover at Horton Kirby...

On a misty November morning, Year 4 were evacuated to the small country village of Horton Kirby.  It was with much excitement that we said farewell to parents and boarded a bus just like the children in World War 2, not knowing exactly what lay ahead!

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a Fire Guard officer in the form of Miss Cooper, who was our leader for the day.  The children, who looked splendid in their evacuee outfits complete with identity luggage label, heard all about how the Education Centre, which used to be the village school, and how it would have looked in the 1940s. Learning about children who really were evacuated from London to Horton Kirby made us think how hard it must have been for parents and children to leave each other.

Walking around the village, the children were detectives, looking for evidence of World War 2 and imagining what it would have been like to be away from families and friends in a totally new and potentially dangerous environment.

After a delicious lunch (thank you to the kitchen!), we were ready for some playtime 1940’s style.  A group of children had a wonderful time skipping whilst Mrs Jones and Mrs Robinson turned the big rope, whilst others preferred marbles, cup and ball or the popular hoop and stick.  Fun was had by all.

Lessons began in the schoolroom with the children sitting in rows with wooden desks with lids. Once we had worked out shillings and pence, we looked to see if we could distinguish between enemy and friendly aircraft. Unfortunately, our first aid lesson was interrupted by the air raid siren and we made a hasty retreat to the air raid shelter where we huddled together and sang songs such as Daisy, Daisy to keep our spirits up. Miss Cooper was very impressed with our singing.

Sadly, the modern world beckoned, and as the coach arrived, our weary evacuees waved goodbye to Miss Cooper and thanked her for an interesting and informative day.

Thank you to Mrs Mathers for a wonderfully organised trip and to Miss Davis, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Jones for all their support.

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