Year 3 Pirates vs Mermaids!

We thoroughly enjoyed our Year 3's production just before the Easter holidays! 

Some people might argue that it’s possible to squeeze too many fishy or piratical puns into one play ….  not so Year 3!    Their fantastic play, Pirates vs Mermaids, performed just before the Easter holidays, was liberally scattered with groan-worthy jokes as well as ‘fearsome’ pirates, sassy mermaids and a message of harmony and tolerance.   When Captain Scarypants and his terrifying but aquatically-challenged crew reluctantly sought out the help of the best swimmers in the world – mermaids - to help them learn to swim, they had no idea that their prejudices about vain and silly mermaids would be turned on their head – or that the mermaids would discover pirates weren’t all swaggering and boastful. 

Mrs Jones choreographed some fantastic musical numbers and the pirates’ ‘synchronised swim’ will stay long in the memory.   The Year 3 children loved learning the songs and worked incredibly hard to learn all their lines and, more challenging, their stage positions.   Despite losing a week of rehearsals to snow they produced a really funny and accomplished performance. 

Well done to all the children and to the staff who worked so hard with them to put on this stunning performance! 

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