Outdoor Learning Day celebrated at MHS

Last week MHS joined thousands of schools from around the world to celebrate 'Outdoor Classroom Day'.

The school was a hive of activity all day, with all the children taking part in lessons outside, not just learning in a different environment but, also more importantly, from it.   The area outside the Pre Prep was turned into an outdoor reading area with a lovely relaxed 'festival vibe' with classes from across the school sharing the tented space during the  day.  The Nursery children also had some wonderful 'pods' set up in their garden to enjoy throughout the week. We hope to make these a regular occurrence on site!

The younger children enjoyed storytelling, science experiments, parachute games and nature walks among other activities, all based on their learning.  While the older children used the entire school grounds.  Highlights included a treasure hunt style revision session for Year 8, building a Roman road, rehearsing and performing of plays written by Year 6, planting seeds and setting up fair tests and mapping and measuring as part of Maths sessions.  Mindfulness moments popped up throughout the day, across many Year groups, which is becoming more important in our fast-paced world. The Forest Art Club had arranged MHS Rocks, a mass game of hide and seek with beautifully decorated rocks, open to all and the promise of prizes kept the enthusiasm going long after the end of the day.

It was a joy to see the entire school working collaboratively, sharing their enthusiasm and embracing the change of setting.  When asked what the best bit of the day was, one child remarked “everything!” so here’s to making it an annual event and something for us all to enjoy.  MHS really does indeed “rock!”