WACI Outing!

Many thanks to Tallulah for writing about the WACI outing ......

'A group of us were lucky enough to have a day out and experience things we will probably never experience for a good number of years!  We were chosen because we were shortlisted for the WACI competition. WACI is the Weald Award for Creativity and Innovation.

We started by going to an old apple store which had been converted into a house for Andy and his family. It was a really modern design but still felt very comfortable too. He used lots of glass and timber for the inside.   We had a tour of the house and even got to look at the indoor pool and the games room which was really fun.   Andy (a different one who was the architect ) showed us around and he explained why he chose the designs and he also explained that the house didn’t echo ( it was huge! ) because the walls were not parallel so the sound couldn’t bounce back and forth.

Next we went to the kitchens at Cook! and one of the employees showed us round. We all wore protective clothing and saw the different stations and what they do. We had a contest with one of the co-owners to see who could make the best guacamole and finally had lunch which was chicken and bacon pie! It was AMAZING!

Lastly we went to Pfizer, where Mr Payne Cook used to work, and looked at all the science labs. Some of his colleagues showed us all the equipment they used and told us really interesting facts, did you know the magnet they used was 15 tesla and that the ones we used were literally 0.1 of a tesla - it could even stop a pacemaker inside someone from working  if they walked in the room!

Lastly we had a long bus ride back to MHS and Mr Payne Cook even bought us sweets!