Scholarship achievements so far ......

We are absolutely delighted with the achievements of our Scholars so far this year.  We are very proud of the children and their achievements which are listed below (there are several schools still to announce their awards).   

Battle Abbey                             Art Scholarship (Molly)

Bede’s                                            D.T. Scholarship  (Max)

                                                          D.T. Scholarship (Lydia)   

Brighton College                    Millennium Scholarship  (Tallulah)     

                                                          Academic Scholarship (Tallulah)                                     

Claremont                                  Academic Scholarship (William)

                                                           Academic Award (Toby)

                                                           Music Scholarship (William)

                                                           Drama Scholarship ( Sophie)

Cranbrook School                  French Scholarship (Freya)

Eastbourne College              Sport Scholarship (Jack G)

Eton                                               King's Scholarship (Academic) (Jack)

                                                          Music Scholarship (Jack)

Kent College                             Art and Sport Scholarships (Holly)

                                                          Drama Scholarship (Molly)

Mayfield                                      Academic Scholarship  (Cosima)

Sevenoaks School                 Academic Scholarship (Jack)

                                                          Music Scholarship (Jack) 

Tonbridge School                   Drama Scholarship (Dexter)

Very well done to all.  We are very proud of you!