Year 7 Young Entrepeneurs' Scheme

Each Autumn term at MHS every Year 7 pupil is encouraged to take part in a scheme of their choice to try to make some money for charity.  

To do this they can receive help from a member of staff and their parents.  This year many pupils chose to make and sell items (such as crepes, candy-floss and even venus fly-traps) at the bonfire night and at the Christmas fair.

Some chose flash rings to sell at the disco, some chose to sell ice creams at the MHS camp-out.  This term the children were asked to write up cash-flow statements to see how much profit they had made.  At the final presentation, which took place on Monday, each group of pupils (there were eleven groups this year) made a two minute speech telling their parents and staff what they have done, what they have learnt and the part they enjoyed the most. 

The scheme allows the pupils to have some first-hand experience in learning how to organise themselves. It is an introduction to learning something about sales and marketing.  The pupils like knowing that they are helping people less fortunate than themselves and it provides practice at public speaking.  All in all a win win situation! 

Many thanks to all those involved in helping the pupils in this school project.