Public Speaking Competition Success

On Tuesday 14th January, six children from Year 6 participated in the Eastbourne College Prep Schools’ Public Speaking Event.

This was a great opportunity for our young people to practice an essential life skill. The children from Marlborough House showed great courage and confidence as they delivered their presentations on some hard-hitting subjects.

Our first team highlighted the dangers of addiction to online gaming with some well-delivered facts and some advice on how to manage the obsession. Team two chose Global warming and the melting polar ice caps as their subject.

The speeches were well researched and gave some sound and practical advice, including what measures we can take to save our planet. The children performed in front of a panel of judges from Eastbourne College's English and Drama departments, including the Head of English. They received excellent, critical feedback from the panel and were correctly praised for their commitment and confidence, very well done to them all. 

Marlborough House won the prize of Best Researched Presentation and Best Concluding Speaker. It was a great afternoon and we would like to extend our thanks to Eastbourne College for their warm hospitality. Another memorable MHS moment!