Australia Day Service

Years 7 and 8 attended a service for Australia Day in the school Chapel, led by Form 7A.

7A reflected on the ongoing bushfires which started in September 2019 and the impact that they have had and continue to have.  

With 10 million hectares affected by bushfires, almost the same as the size of the UK, 7A discussed the causes, the impact on humans and animals (it is estimated that 1 billion animals have been killed so far by the fires) and the response by individuals, organisations and countries. They asked us all to consider what we might do personally, especially in light of our School Virtue for this half of term: Kindness 

Poems written by 7A pupils for the Australia Day Service:

Dear God who art in heaven

Make us thankful for being safe, away from bushfires. Help us to show empathy for those who have suffered in the fire. For those humans and creatures who have fought through, hopeful of the fires decreasing. Make us thankful for the firefighters who have risked their lives for the safety of Australia. Amen

(Dasia R)

Dear God

May we think about Australia’s bush fires. Help us to be grateful for having safe homes and let us think about the incredible acts of kindness, which people are showing all over the world. Help us to be kind in our every day school life.  Amen

(Millie M)