Safer Internet Day 2020

Today is Safer Internet Day 2020, and we have been talking with the children about the different ways to keep safe whilst playing games and using social media.

Year 1 will be focused on the importance of asking an adult for permission before using the internet, and telling a grown up if something feels wrong.

Year 2 will be discussing the importance of keeping personal information private and producing posters. They will talk about their posters and perform a safety song in House Assemblies next month.

Lessons in the Prep school will be delivered to help the pupils understand the concept of on-line identity. They will explore the boundaries of freedom of expression online and understand the importance of respect and reputation when navigating the digital world. Years 7 and 8 will make a pledge of one small thing they will do to help make the internet more inclusive for everyone. Years 3 – 6 will create an online identity via images.  Do pop along to the IT room and have a look at the display of pledges and images this week.

Please do speak to your child about their internet use and the variety of apps that they use, to ensure all is well and have a look at the website for any further ideas: Safer Internet Day 2020

As we know, many things are said online that would not be said face to face.  ‘Own It’  is a BBC App that is a simple text-recognition-based system which checks whether a person really wishes to send a message which it may detect as being unkind or disrespectful. The app is able to pick up on key words and encourage the user to think twice before sending. It also has other aspects designed to help pupils maintain good mental health and make positive decisions. Click here to download this app onto their phone.

The internet is a wonderful resource, we just need to keep working together to keep ourselves and others safe.