Reflecting on Boarding

Boarding offers experiences and opportunities that enhance the lives of the pupils during their years at school.

There are no qualifications gained from the education of boarding but it can equip children with the necessary character experiences and life skills, and help prepare them for their future life at secondary school and beyond. As well and being part of a close family community in the boarding house, they are given independence, enabling them to make choices for themselves and their friends.

Friendships are made at school every day but with boarding, this precious time with friends is extended and real - not virtual. Their friendships have deeper foundations and are made for life. Nowadays parents do not want to “send their children away to school”. Flexi-boarding works for families for many reasons and does not bring on the emotions of full time boarding for parents and children. The balance between school and home life, aims to enhance family life together. 

Beyond the classroom, the continuity of care and education that boarding can offer is a stable platform for children’s development, with lots of free time to enjoy each other’s company, play games, watch movies, enjoy creative arts, listen to music, etc. Boarding opportunities give the children time to discover their talents and passions and build confidence to try new opportunities they are presented with. We want parents to be confident that their children are in an environment which is warm and caring and where their children can continue to develop and are individually valued. 

Sarah Rushton, Head of Boarding