Fundraising for the Hospice

Jasper S in Year 3 has built a picnic table for his chickens and is selling their eggs at the end of his drive help people get access to eggs and to raise money for the Hospice in the Weald.

When Jasper asked if he could make his chickens a picnic table, his father agreed thinking it was just a table he didn’t realise he meant a proper picnic table for his chickens to sit at and eat!

They found all their scrap wood and got Jasper doing the maths using dividing and angles to work out the plan and then they got to work building it, it kept them both busy all afternoon. Jasper then looked at his family's rather over full egg rack and decided he wanted to give them to people who couldn’t get eggs at the moment and made a collection box at the end of the drive, so that people had the option of giving a donation to Hospice in the Weald. Jasper chose this charity as up to now his Grandma volunteered at the Hospice every week.

A big MHS well done to Jasper!