Creative Writing Competition

In the Summer Term our Year 5 children were given the opportunity to write a short story for an in-house Creative Writing Competition.

I had a lovely time in the holidays reading all the children’s highly creative, imaginative and original stories. In English lessons this week, the children (now in Year 6), gathered together to hear some feedback on their entries and find out whose work had been selected for special commendation and a prize.

Having given the class a brief summary of the plot in each story, and picking out some particular examples of excellence in each, I also offered some ideas for further improving their writing. I also explained that, as in so many competitions which rely on personal judgements and opinions, whether it is Bake-Off or Strictly Come Dancing or anything else, there are often a range of different opinions. I explained that although all the stories had merit and a number of wonderful aspects to them, the winners were those who particularly appealed to my, personally. Had another person been judging it, they might have had other ideas!

So many congratulations to all the children who entered their super stories and special congratulations go to:

Gracie G, Gabriella S, Holly H, Joseph J, Edward F and Oliver D, all of whom gained a Highly Commended Prize.

In second place was: Tom G and Eliza B

Whilst first place went to: Archie P and Dexter H

All children were given a book token to help further inspire their writing and the advice to keep writing!

Mrs Katrina Atkins, Head of English

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