National Poetry Day

Year 8 have been working on poetry for National Poetry Day. The theme was “Vision” and we wanted to share with you some of the poems which Mrs Atkins, Head of English, has been most impressed with. 

A Vision of the Past?

By James W

The world is divided

Not everyone provided

With resources they need

To Survive it

The rich and the poor

The black and the white

People treated differently

And that just ain’t right!

I see slaves being whipped

People being shipped

I see war and the poor

Being thrown in the ditch

Why can’t we be fairer?

Why can’t we be kind?

Why allow prejudice?
It’s a poison of the mind.


Let’s make it easier

Let’s make it right

Everyone is equal

No matter, black or white.

When it Ends

By Felix SJP

For a while now I have been thinking,

When will this virus end?

I‘ve got so sick and tired

Of watching people trying to defend.

Or even make a dent.

All this keeping away,

Has been so stupid and tiring.

It has ruined people’s days;

All the moaning and the sighing.

SO what will it be like

When the pandemic’s over?

Will it ever be the same?
Or will it stay forever?
The virus may as well

Have been a supernova!

The year is nearly done.

All we can do

Is twiddle our thumbs.

Waiting for the cure

Is it even coming?

Nobody is sure.

Walking in Winter

By Hermione SJP

The squelch of leaves wet with rain,

The clouds dancing with the sun,

The cold wind playing with the trees.

Winter is on its way.

Sticks breaking at every step,

Frost forming on the lush green grass,

Birds swooping from tree to tree.

Winter is on its way.

Ice slowly taking over,

 Nature beckoning winter on,

The birdsong is dying down,

Winter has come.


By Emmy R

I love the sky

So blue and so bright.

A beautiful vision

For human sight!

I like to lay beneath the fluffy clouds

And watch them all fly by,

Hearing the lovely chirping sounds

And seeing the pictures up high.

What a wonderful place,

To watch the birds beneath us,

Flying around with such beauty and grace,

And think of important things for the human race.

Laying on the lush green grass

I pause to take a moment.

Looking at the sheep clouds pass,

I knew I was my own opponent.

I needed to think of the things that matter:

My family, my friends and more.

My whole life was crazy

I was as mad as a hatter,

Needing to take a step through the right door.

So from this moment on, I will really try

To look after the ones I love.

I love the world, and thank you sky

And all that lays above.

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