English Prize Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our Handwriting and Creative Writing Competitions

At the end of the summer term when our, then, Year 7 children were doing their lessons online, they all had the opportunity to write a piece for our annual Creative Writing competition. These were sent off to our lovely judge, former MHS teacher and now author, Charlotte Reid, who kindly read them all, provided feedback for the children and selected the following as worthy recipients of a prize.

Huge congratulations to them all:
Highly Commended:
Oliver L, Sophia C, Millie M

Second Prize:
Henry H and Felix SJP

First Prize:
Maddie L and Dasia R

Congratulations also go to the winners of our Handwriting Competition: 

3C                        Charlie B

3L                         William P

4D                        Emma E

4M                       Poppy HB

5J                        Charlotte B

5L                         Emilia M

6(KA)                  Clara E

6 (PA)                 Florence K

6 (SL)                  Isobel B

8 Set 1                 Olivia W

8 Set 2                Hermione SJP

Mrs Katrina Atkins

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