Children's Mental Health Week

We celebrated Children's Mental Health Week with activities across the school.

This year the theme was 'Express Yourself' and children took part in a 'Dress to Express Day'. Everyone embraced the opportunity to show their individuality and share their characters with each other... and what a collection of great characters we have. We had animals, superheros, colours, party goers and skiers to name a few. 

PSHE lessons and Form Time in the Pre-Prep and Prep school provided a great opportunity to discuss mental health and emotional well-being; focusing on keeping well and managing feelings. 

Here are some ideas that Year 3 had for making yourself feel better if you are feeling worried, sad or upset;

Read my favourite books
Cuddle with my toys
Spend time with my parents
Play with my Lego
Do some painting

Watch the wildlife in the woods next to our house. We have, deer, foxes, badgers, wood pigeons, pheasant and squirrels.

Play with my dog, Hugo, in the woods
Play in the stream which runs by our garden
Relax on the sofa watching TV
Play with my toys with my parents

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