New Outdoor Classroom

At MHS we love 'The Great Outdoors' and so were delighted that the Outdoor Classroom was built this week!

Nestled in the grounds, it will create a new focal point to support our outdoor learning activities across the curriculum.

We know that while it is the grades acquired in the classroom that will earn pupils their scholarships and senior school places, it is the character skills that will prepare them for life and their future well-being. At MHS, outdoor learning supports the development of character strengths and transferrable skills, such as problem-solving, creativity and resilience. Our wonderful new outdoor classroom, complete with benches, desks and weatherproof blinds (to enable use whatever the weather!) will be a wonderful asset in this area, providing new opportunities for children to develop their characters and a much-needed antidote to the increased screen time that they have all experienced over the past year. 

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