Year 5 trip to Richborough Fort

I do not think any of us thought that this thrice planned visit would take place until we boarded the mini buses on Friday morning. It was the perfect trip – we began with a countryside tour, beautiful weather and on arriving in the car park at Richborough Roman Fort a spontaneous ‘wow’!

Year 5 had a unique task; divided into reduced tent parties, each led by an optio (a Roman Officer), they had to investigate this amazing site and create an individual Roman Shore Fort to keep out the marauding Saxons. It had to be both militarily suitable but with the creature comforts the Romans had come to expect. Now, Year 5 are constructing (whilst recycling) their forts in their History lessons with Miss Lelliott; we have been asked to send photographs to the site so they can be displayed.

The visit ended with a welcome Twister ice cream kindly given so that we could all celebrate Fleur’s 10th birthday. The children were so well-behaved and on task that visitors and the English Heritage Staff commented on their manners, their learning focus and their ‘outstanding’ behaviour. We have been invited back any time! Thank you to Mr Newton and Miss Lelliott for all their support and Year 5 for their enthusiasm and hard work.

TB, Head of History and Latin

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