Year 6 Staycation

Who needs to travel miles away when there is so much fun on our doorstep?

Year 6 had a fantastic time during their staycation last week. We started with a splash in the swimming pool on a very hot Wednesday afternoon before getting ourselves organised in our boarding rooms. The first evening was lovely and relaxing, playing a ball game and roasting some marshmallows. The first night was quite challenging and therefore short as it was hot, rainy and thundery! 

On Thursday, after a lovely breakfast, pupils worked on their team building skills at Arena Pursuits. Our adult leaders were brilliant (even helped pupils with improving their press-up strategies!) and although everyone was very tired, it was a wonderful day rich in emotions which provided a precious bonding experience. The evening was spent by the pool and in the sports hall before a well-deserved wholesome sleep.

On Friday, we drove to Leeds Castle where we managed to avoid the rain for most of the day but could not escape the heavy downpour on the way back to the minibuses. Pupils and teachers alike (even the French one who is scared of heights!) took part in a vertiginous Go Ape adventure. It was quite magical and thrilling to be moving from one tree to another across wooden planks or rope bridges. The Escape Room was also entertaining and required quick thinking. The outdoor play area at Leeds Castle is beautiful and was great fun. French sweets, cake and drinks were happily shared to celebrate Pippa G's 11th birthday. Pupils came back exhausted, muddy but delighted with their staycation and so did the teachers! 

A big thank you to Ms Lelliott for her impeccable organisation, Mrs Rushton for being a second mother in the boarding house, Mr Robson for lifeguarding, Mr Little for his ever positive and supportive attitude and Mr Payne-Cook, the coffee/tea master.

Mme De Haan

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