Prep School Sports Day

A wonderful day for the children and parents to enjoy with superb weather and some excellent performances from teams and individuals across nine athletics disciplines. With over 340 medals presented it was a successful day for very many children. Thank you to everyone involved, also to our cheerleaders who kicked off the day's events.


The winning House was Egan with 258, Dunbar was second with 222 and Awdry third, and Hawkings fourth. Congratulation Egan. 

Victor and Victrix Ludorum

Elliot F was the Victor Ludorum and Hermione SJP was the Victrix Ludorum. Congratulations to Hermione and Elliot.

Congratulations also to all our record-breakers who achieved new times, heights and distances for events old and new.

Old records broken 

Yr 8 Boys Long Jump – Elliot F with 4m90cm broke Kamran Ogilvie-Khan’s records of 4.87m set in 2018 

Yr 6 Girls High Jump - Holly and Ellie H both broke the High Jump record with jumps of 1.27m 

Holly went on to break that with a jump of 1.30cm the record broken was Sarah Turner's jump of 1.25m set in 2006. 

Year 5 Girls 70m Sprint - Emma G broke the girls 70m Sprint with a time of 11.28s who beat a record set in 2019 by Antonia Barry of 12.10sec 


New records set (due to new format for this year’s Sports Day) 

Standing Triple Jump 

Yr 5 Boys Barnaby P 5.15m 

Yr 5 Girls Alex P 4.90m 

Yr4 Boys Rafferty P 4.63m 

Yr 4 Girls Emma E 4.60m 

Yr 3 Boys Rory G 4.25m 

Yr 3 Girls Charlotte B 4.05m 


Yr4 Boys Rafferty P 36.10 

Yr 4 Girls Mila W 37.65 

Yr 3 Boys Rory G 36.20 

Yr 3 Girls Jessica P 37.00 


Yr4 Boys Ralph H 10.25 

Yr 4 Girls Emma E 9.69 

Yr 3 Boys Harry A 10.76 

Yr 3 Girls Jessica P 10.77 

Agility – 5 m cross 

Yr 8 Boys  Rex C 14.36 

Yr 8 Girls Emmy R 16.16 

Yr 6 Boys Rob M 14.78 

Yr 6 Girls Holly H 15.22 

Yr 5 Boys  Leo D 14.86 

Yr 5 Girls Sylvie W 15.22 

Yr4 Boys Toby G 15.43 

Yr 4 Girls Olivia J  14.83 

Yr 3 Boys Harry A 15.75 

Yr 3 Girls Isabella B 15.62 

Long Jump 

Yr4 Boys  Rafferty P 3.10m 

Yr 4 Girls Annabel J 2.65m 

Yr 3 Boys Rory G 2.95m 

Yr 3 Girls  Jessica P 2.59m 


Yr4 Boys  Rafferty P 2min 09.89 secs 

Yr 4 Girls Emma E 2min23.81sec 

Yr 3 Boys William P 2min 27.18 sec 

Yr 3 Girls  Jessica P 2min 25.39 sec 


Yr 3 Girls 4 x 100 m Dunbar 1.22.32

Yr 3 Mixed 4 x 100m Dunbar 1.20.18

Yr 4 Girls 4 X 100M Egan 1.24.76

Yr 4 Mixed 4 X 100M Egan 1.16.81

Yr 8 & 6 4 X 100m  Hawking 1.13.51

Yr 5 Mixed 4 X 100M 1.13.51


RM, Head of Sport

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