PSB LEaders' Conference and Educational Conference

Mr Payne-Cook attended the PSB Leaders' conference on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th September, along with nearly 40 other member schools. 

After 18 months of zoom meetings, it was wonderful for Mr Payne-Cook to re-connect with so many like-minded and experienced Prep and Senior School educators face to face, discussing the PSB skills framework and sharing best practice in our schools. At the meeting, a PSB Research group was formed, with the intent of disseminating the latest educational academic research into Teaching and Learning, as applied to the PSB skills framework. Mr P-C will be on that team, he is also the Science subject co-ordinator across all PSB schools, working closely with their Director of Education to discuss and develop the best approaches to the assessment of Science knowledge, understanding and skills.

Mr P-C also spoke at an educational conference called New Voices in London on Saturday 2nd October. He presented a provocative thought piece titled "From Wonder to Whatever: has England got science education completely wrong?" which considered the mismatch between joyful, curious science up to Year 6 or 7 in the National Curriculum and then becoming bogged down by too much highly specific, fundamental and challenging scientific concepts in the GCSE exam specifications, thus losing too many creatives and late developers from the Science bus for life. A thought-provoking topic!  


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