Staff Snapshot Interview with Mrs Boyd

This week our Staff Snapshot Interview is with Mrs Boyd, one of our fabulous Reception Teachers. 

 What inspired you to teach?

Finding it hard to learn when I was little.  I wanted to make a difference.

What sort of learner are you?

Sometimes I’m a kinaesthetic learner, but sometimes I need to see and hear it.  Sometimes I need to do all three, this is what I try to bring to the classroom.   

Funniest moment?

Working late in my classroom and hearing the Pre-Prep alarm being set, I had to leave by the side door very quickly! 

What’s the most important lesson you can teach?

Kindness - and to be yourself.  Because if you are trying to be someone else then who is going to be you?  

What are you most excited about at MHS?

Getting through a term without having to teach online! 

What makes MHS such a special place to be?

The friendships – between the children and the staff.

What was your favourite subject at school?

Maths.  Because it is tidy. Just right. Or wrong.   

Favourite words?

Please and thank you. You can use them anywhere...

House: Dunbar

Years at MHS: a woman never tells 

What book are you reading? – Currently reading the Unicorn Academy books or David Walliams' books to my daughters at bedtime

Worst nightmare? Finding a toad in my laundry basket

Special skill: I can deliver calves and goats (and I don’t mean by post!) 

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