Year 4 Time Travellers - WW2 Day at Horton Kirby

On Tuesday morning Year 4 had a very exciting and informative trip to the village of Horton Kirby. 

Dressed as evacuee school children from the 1940s, complete with gas mask boxes, luggage labels and even a suitcase, the children travelled into the past to find out what life was really like for children evacuated out of London to the apparent safety of a north Kent village.

They were met by the strict but fair 1940s Headmaster of the school, Mr Tanner, who in the evenings, was Captain Tanner of the Home Guard. With his wonderfully vivid story telling, the children were immersed into wartime life where barrage balloons hung in the sky, anti-aircraft guns nestled behind the houses, allotments sprung up in every available place and ARP wardens told you to "put that light out!"

After a game of Poohsticks over the bridge, the children entered the school room where they completed a maths lesson adding up pennies, shillings and pounds, learnt how to spot enemy aircraft and did a spot of First Aid on each other. Suddenly the air raid siren sounded meaning they had to decamp to the air raid shelter where they bravely sang ‘Daisy, Daisy’ to keep their spirits up.

The children behaved marvellously well throughout the day as they threw themselves wholeheartedly into the experience.

Thank you to Miss Davis, Mrs Jones and Mrs Robinson for all their support and to the children for being such a joy to take back in time. 


Year 4 Form Teacher


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