YEar 5 Trip to Richborough Roman Fort

On the last Friday before half term, our Year 5 children headed off to Richborough Roman Fort near Sandwich in East Kent as part of their History topic. 

This trip was to support the children's learning in the classroom. As they entered the site they gasped at at what they saw, especially the high walls and they couldn’t believe they were seeing something over 2000 years old. After an excellent introduction and brief history of the site by our very own Mrs Budd, the pupils settled straight to their main tasks; learning as much detail as possible of what is included in a Roman fort and then designing their own in their small groups. They have now started to make their models at school and will be excited to share the finished products.

Very well done to the children who were exceptionally well-behaved and the staff at the site commented on how well-mannered and inquisitive they were. Well done Year 5!


Year 5 History Teacher


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