Paper Free Day at MHS

Friday 26th November saw the launch of MHS Paper Free Day, where staff and children alike endeavoured to work all day long without using paper.

The two aims of the day were certainly accomplished: raising awareness and starting discussions about how and why we use paper at school.  Lots of buzz was heard around the corridors.  Teachers felt that learning wasn't negatively impacted by the lack of paper and, in fact, found the day a great way of looking at different ways of teaching and giving feedback.  

The strong message that came through from the children in Pre-Prep and Prep was the care for and wish to protect the trees around us.  Through different debates, children also showed concerns about the use of batteries and plastic at school.  Our next step is to put all our thoughts into action and make every day a 'near' paper free day at MHS. 

A big thank you to everyone for the focus and effort they put into the event. 


Head of Pre-Prep

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