Boys' Sport - Autumn Round-Up

The boys have had a very busy and enjoyable football season across the age groups with some notable victories.

The boys in the U12 team played up a year and competed really very well against U13 teams, especially when in the first 7 a side tournament, where the drew with The New Beacon, a huge all boy's school and beat DPS, going on to beat Hilden Grange in the quarter-finals. In their 11 a side matches they drew with Rose Hill and Solefields, performing well in general across the season.

The Colts had some superb wins with another young side having 5 of the 7 boys all U10's - they did very well in their Nationals IAPS - winning their group with no losses and then losing on penalties in the quater-finals 4-5 in a tense shoot-out. Their season included draws with DPS and wins over Rose Hill, Solefields, and The Mead. Overall they lost only 3 from 13 fixtures! This really means next year with more experience they should compete even better. The B team faired less well, but had a notable win over The Mead in an exciting 3-2 game.

The U9 and U8's had a good year with excellent wins over Vinehall, Ashford and The Mead. The B team side had a good win over Claremont and Vinehall and excellent matches in their other three games. The U8 side showed some promise and overall worked hard in their matches. A very positive season for the teams and MHS football this Autumn.

Mr Mathers, Director of Sport

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