Year 6 Geography virtual workshop with the Natural History Museum

Year 6 were fortunate to enjoy a visit from the Natural History Museum on Wednesday.

With the wonders of technology that we have all become so accustomed to using, pupils gathered in the Hopkins Hall and enjoyed a ‘virtual’ workshop on earthquakes and volcanoes, their current topic in Geography.

In addition to revising some of their geographical knowledge, pupils explored the structure of the earth, including tectonic plates and how their movements can lead to earthquakes. With the assistance of models at the NHM, the class created an earthquake of their own and learnt of the damage earthquakes can cause, how scientists record this data and the equipment they use. They also studied how igneous rock is formed and discovered the power of explosive eruptions. They learnt about the clues and evidence scientists look for when identifying these types of volcanoes and the dangers they can pose. In the final section of the workshop, the class were called upon to decide the fate of ‘Volcano Town’; using their newly gained knowledge to gather data, make predictions on the volcano in question and correctly decided to evacuate the town, just in time. 

Mr Kimber, Head of Geography

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