Year 3's Ancient Greek DAy

On Friday 4th February Year 3 had an interactive learning workshop in the Old Gym. The workshop was run by an external company with actors and a wide range of props, really bringing the topic to life for the children.

Our trainee Greeks re-enacted one of the most important events on the Athenian calendar, the Panathenaic Festival. They then became traders in the Agora, bartering and negotiating in Greek, creating a lively and authentic Greek atmosphere. In addition to this, children carved out their own piece of the Elgin marbles, as well as being whipped into shape with a battle drill, the Athenian way.

The Ancient Greeks were famous for their love of competitions, so in the afternoon, there was a chance for everyone to take part. The finalist of thumb war took centre stage, with Eleanor T taking the top spot. As a finale, the children had a chance to take part in the great Festival Dionysia, performing their own theatrical production. Our choral singers were superb and there must be a special mention for Ollie M, who turned into the most fantastic, fearsome hunting dog.

It was hugely entertaining, and so lovely to see everyone participating and learning together. The children were very polite and really embraced the opportunity to try new activities and extend their skills and learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

Mrs Coombs, Year 3 Teacher

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