Prep School Music Concert

We were treated to a wonderful variety of music from pupils across the prep school.

From beginner instrumentalists with just a handful of lessons under their belts, to more experienced players it was wonderful to see the confidence of the performers shining through. There was a great range of instruments represented, from piano to violin, saxophone to guitar, clarinets, flutes, and singers. Some of the performers are preparing for an examination, others it was their first experience of performing to an audience. These experiences are so valuable to our young musicians to have an opportunity to perform in such a supportive environment.

Many thanks go to the parents and teachers that have supported the children with their learning and practice. Super performances from Finley, Sophie, Annabel, Florence, Grace, Louis, Zoe, Raife, Poppy, Tara, Ellie, Emma, Sophia, Eliza, Isobel, Olivia, Fleur and Rose.

Miss Philip, Director of Music

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