Young shapeskeare company

How wonderful it was to welcome back into school the superb Young Shakespeare Company! 

Last year, whilst we were still able to enjoy an online workshop due to lockdown restrictions, having the troupe in "live" this year reminded us all of the joy of live performances! 

Their lighthearted, fun-filled, and action-packed interpretation of the perennially popular "A Midsummer Night's Dream" brought tears of laughter to us all as they brought to life the comic confusion of the ill-fated lovers, the magical mayhem and Puckish pranks. 

Our own Year 7 and Year 6 children played a range of roles and threw themselves into creating the atmosphere of an enchanted forest. Duke Theseus was played by Barnaby, Hippolyta by Phoebe, and Egeus by Benji. The "Lovers" were played by Joel as Demetrius, Cleo as his mistreated love, Helena, while Matilda was the diminutive Hermia and Barnaby the charming and debonair heart-throb, Lysander. Our fairy troupe comprised Annabel, Eliza, Dexter and Zoe.

It was a performance full of authentic Shakespearean language, music and humour and one which will live on in our memories.

Mrs Atkins, Head of English

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