Children’s Mental Health Week

This week was Children’s Mental Health Week and we spent time talking about how we are feeling alongside thinking about the different ways that we can make ourselves feel emotionally better.

Prep School 

All assemblies, chapels and PSHE lessons gave the children the opportunity to consider their own mental health with many taking part in Drama Workshops run by Perform to explore this theme. One of the activities included working together to create frozen pictures of stressful moments which they then examined in greater depth.

Growing together was the theme this year and everyone was encouraged to try something new this week and record their efforts on a card. These have ranged from ‘trying the new stroganoff on the menu’ to ‘telling my friend how I really feel’.

The Harbour, a quiet place to spend break times, has seen many occupants who have chosen to do some mindful art activities, read and play chess.

The Sleep Clinic gave the children the opportunity to talk about their struggles with sleep. They experienced some guided meditation and went away with sleep strategies and advice on how to create a restful environment.

Year 7 finished our week with Dress to Express where, instead of wearing uniform, they could show their individualism and personality through their own choice of clothes.

Finally, we were delighted to introduce two Friendship Benches, located under trees in Pre-Prep and the Prep School.

Ms Coatz, Deputy Head


Children in Pre-Prep enjoyed taking time throughout the week to find out what keeps us healthy mentally, emotionally and physically.  Activities ranged from to Mindful Monday, full of yoga and meditation to a wellie wellbeing walk on Friday.  At playtime, we introduced a friendship bench where children could go to meet new friends or have a bit of quiet time. 

The theme of 'Growing together' ran through the week with everyone sharing their achievements and new ventures with Mrs Reid in Show and Tell assemblies. We were amazed with what we can do with the support of friends, family and teachers.  Children are learning to try new foods, ride bikes without stabilisers, swim further and learn new skills such as yo-yoing and skateboarding.  There is no stopping us now and S Club 7's 'Reach for the Stars' is fast becoming the Pre-Prep anthem!

Thank you to all the families for supporting the message at home.  

Mrs Reid, Head of Pre-Prep

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