Year 5 Geography Outing

Year 5 battled the cold, wet elements in February to visit Stevens Farm, the wonderful home to our very own Mrs Budd.

The children were shown the orchards, including apple trees recently planted with geographical satellite information alone, saving numerous man-hours. They followed the path of a commercial apple, from the tree to the packing house, through the sorting process and into cold storage. To enjoy apples at their best, did you know that you should keep apples in the fridge and only bring them out a couple at a time to bring them back to room temperature?

The damaging environmental impact of the packaging was discussed, as were the efforts that go into using technology to minimise wasteful fertiliser. The size and expense of the machinery was mind-blowing, as was the technology that goes into a supermarket staple. The children were encouraged not to buy fruit packed in ‘crunchy plastic’, as it cannot be recycled, and fruit from abroad as it adds to food miles. It was a cold and damp visit but full of interest and insight… and it made their apples taste even better at the end!

Huge thanks to MHS parent Mr Budd (Junior) and Mr Budd (Senior) for taking the time to show Year 5 around their farm and sharing their knowledge to inspire the children to think more carefully next time they bite into a crunchy apple.

Mr Kimber

Head of Geography


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