Inter-House Chess Competition

The Inter-House Tournament came to its gripping conclusion last Friday!

The Houses went head to head in a battle of the brains: The MHS House Chess Competition! Chess players from each House volunteered to be part of the event, spending the afternoon fine-tuning their skills followed by a nail-biting tournament. Each of our chess players fought another on the black and white board for House Points. Meanwhile each House selected a Champion to compete for the grand prize. The Houses were pulled from a hat to determine the semi-final matches. Reuben N from Egan proceeded to checkmate Toby L from Hawkings, a swift ascent for the yellow house to the final. Dexter H (Dunbar) and Josh C (Awdry) contested a gripping two games before the deciding checkmate from Dexter placed him against Reuben in the final. The Dunbar and Egan champions played two games both resulting in a draw! The third and final game saw Dexter deliver his victorious check-mate to Reuben, making Dunbar the winning House!

Throughout the tournament, all the participants showed incredible resilience and sportsmanship as well as brain power. With friends cheering each other on and spectators watching entranced as the finalists played, it has been a brilliant celebration of the game and a wonderful achievement for all.

Miss Davis

Year 4 Teacher

Tagged  Prep