Mental Health Workshop

As part of our drive and focus on mental health, and to support leadership in the senior years, our Year 7 pupils have received training to become mental health champions for the pupil body.  

Last week they participated in a Zoom launch to introduce this initiative and to give them more information. This was followed by a practical workshop to explore the skills and qualities of a Mental Health Champion.

The Year 7s have now completed the first part of their training course in becoming Mental Health Champions. This initial workshop and the ongoing lessons will support their own wellbeing and give them a deeper understanding of their own mental health whilst also empowering them to support positive mental health across the whole school as peer mentors, if they choose to take on this voluntary role.

We think and hope that this will be a positive experience for all involved and will help both the Year 7 pupils themselves, as well as others throughout the School.

Ms Coatz

Deputy Head (Pastoral)


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